Thai Gourmet Cookery Tuition
Thai Cookery lessons available in your own home kitchen for you and your friends.
Just get together with a couple of friends for sessions that have been designed to be fun,
friendly and informative, ending tastefully, as it were, with everyone eating their transformed
"ingredients" at the end of the session.

Numbers up to 3 people
maximum 3 people

Cost 1 Student £50 - 00
2 Students £40 - 00 per student
3 Students £30 - 00 per student
cost of ingredients included

Includes ingredients, written recipes, tuition and full clear up of kitchen afterwards

Duration 2.5 hours

Dish Itinerary

Choose one starter
One main course with a rice or noodle dish for your tuition

Here are just a few to choose from.
Vegetable Spring Rolls
Kanompang Na Moo and Cucumber Dip
Pla Rad Prik
Gung Sarong
Geiw Grop
Beef Satay
Thot Man Khaw Phot - corn cakes
Gung Thot Grop - king prawns
Phat Thay Prawns
Phat Priaw Wan - sweet and sour vegetables
Nua Phat Nam Man Hoy - beef with
oyster and vegetables
Kai Phat Met Mamuang Him Maphan -
chicken with vegetables and cashew
Gang Khiaw Wan - Green Curry
Main Course
Thai Cookery Tuition with Khun Prathuan (Lek)
Tel +44 1935 473089
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