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1)  Related to travel in and around Thailand.

2) Related to Thai Food and Thai Gourmet Caterers.

3) Related to Thai Language learning.

4) Related to Lifestyle Design from Thailand and Asia.

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  • Thai National

  • Lived in the UK 25 years.

  • Speaks good English

  • Good rapport with people
  • British National

  • Lived in and travelled extensively throughout

  • Speaks, reads and writes Thai.

  • Has an understanding of  Thai culture and the
    Thai way.

  • Researcher and reporter on travel in Thailand,
    living in Thailand and effective life design.
Trevor Bide  
Khun Lek
  • The Engaging Thailand site is split into two specific categories the first part is very much
        about Thailand. It's for those who maybe want to live in Thailand, spend periods of the
        year in Thailand or maybe are just planning a vacation in Thailand.
  • It's very much about Thai culture, Cross-cultural relationships,Thai life,Thai food, Thai
        language, Thai travel, retirement and mini-retirements in Thailand.
  • This information site includes articles on Thailand both ours and hand-picked relevant
         articles from other experts. It also contains specialist and recommended products both
         ours and others.
                                       Life Design

  • The second part is all about life design and life long learning from the east and from the west. It's about
    learning the new and different techniques for life improvement, in fact the emphasis is very much on
    improvement and self design.

  • It's about the mind, the body in the form of health, fitness, longevity and wellbeing, the soul, life design,
    philosophy,human behaviour and vagabond travel from essentially the east, but the best of the west as

  • This information site includes articles on Life design both ours and hand-picked relevant articles from
    other experts. It also contains specialist and recommended products both ours and other experts.