Volume 1 Issue 2

Vocabulary From Language Example Volume 1 Issue 2

We :                         (เรา)           pronounce as:   rao

To Arrive:             (ไปถึง)          pronounce  as     bpai (m) theung (r)

Hua Hin              ( ้หัวหิน )         pronounce as     huaa (r) hin (r)   (Hua Hin is a beach resort town in Thailand)

Late                           (ช้า)          pronounce as    chaa (h)

Because                (เพราะว่า)     pronounce as     phraw (h) waa (f)

Bus                         (รถเมล์)       pronounce as     roht (h) maeh (m)

Broken, defective    (เสีย)           pronounced as   siia (h)

Vocabulary From The Extra Sentences From Volume 1 Issue 2






It                          (มัน)          pronounce as    man (m)     
Difficult                (ยาก)           pronounce as    yaak (f)
Explain                 (อธิบาย)       pronounce as     a thi (h) baai (m)
Will                      (จะ)           pronounce as        ja (l)
That                     (ที่)            pronounce as      thee (f)
To Give / Let        (ให้ )          pronounce as     hai (f)
You                   (คุณ)          pronounce as        khoon (m)                  
To Listen           (ฟัง)            pronounce as        fang (m)       
Language         (ภาษา)          pronounce as       phaa (m ) saa (r)        
Thailand           (ไทย )         pronounce as        thai (m)     
yet; since; not yet; still  (ยัง ) pronounce as       yang (m)
not; no              ไม่               pronounce as          mai (f)
Skilled                 (เก่ง )          pronounce as         geng (l)
sufficient, enough  (พอ)         pronounce as          phaaw (m)
To Fear                (กลัว )        pronounce as           gluaa (m)        
Affairs, Action       (การ)         pronounce as          gaan (m)
To Drive                 (ขับ )       pronounce as          khap (l)       
City, Country       ( เมือง)       pronounce as          meuuang (m)        
See, Visualise      ( เห็น )       pronounce as           hen (r)       
To have or possess   (มี )     pronounce as          mee (m)     
Accident             (อุบัติเหตุ)    pronounce as         oo (l) bat (l) dti (l) haeht (l)       
A lot, Many              เยอะ                 pronounce as         yuh (h)       
On                              บน                 pronounce as           bohn (m)
Road                         ถนน                pronounce as            tha (l)  nohn (r)
Tomorrow                 (พรุ่งนี้ )          pronounce as           phroong (f) nee (h)
With, To                         (กับ)           pronounce as             gap (l)
Unable to, cannot           (ไม่ได้)      pronounce as            mai (f) dai (f)       
Has to, Must                    (ต้อง)        pronounce as             dtawng (f)       ...
To do work                      (ทำงาน)    pronounce as             tham (m) ngaan (m)    
Today                             (วันนี )       pronounce as             wan (m) nee (h)
To feel                            (รู้สึก)       pronounce as             ruu (h) seuk  
Belly, Stomach                 (ท้อง)      pronounce as              thaawng (h)
Not really good             ( ไม่ค่อยดี) pronounce as             mai (f) khaawy (f) dee (m)
To eat or drink                   (กิน)       pronounce as             gin (m)      
Papaya Salad                   (ส้มตำ)    pronounce as           sohm (f) dtam (m)
A bit too much        (มากไปหน่อย)  pronounce as          maak (f) bpai (m) naawy (l)   
Occur, happen                (เกิดขึ้น)    pronounce as            geert (l) kheun (f)
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