Week:             ( aathit )                  pronounce as:  aa (m) thit (h)
Next:                   (                           pronounce as:  naa (f)
I                              (ผม)                  pronounce as:  phohm (r)
Will                      (ja)                      pronounce as:  ja (l)
Go                           (ไป )                pronounce as: bpai (m)  
Meeting            (ประชุม                 pronounce as: bra (l) - choom (m)  
In                             (ที่)                  pronounce as: thee (f)
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Chiang Mai           (เชียง ใหม่)         pronounce as Chiang (m) Mai (l)
Several                   (หลาย)              pronounce as  laai (r)
Day                    (วัน)                      pronounce as  wan (m)
From (starting from) ( ตั้งแต่)         pronounce as dtang (f) dtaae (l)
Date                   (วันที่ )                   pronounce as  wan (m) thee (f)
August              (สิงหาคม)              pronounce as  Sing (r( haa (r) khom (m)
Return or go back (กลับ )              pronounce as  glap (l)
Hope that or wish   ( หวังว่า )         pronounce as   wang ( r)  waa ( f )
Time                         (เวลา )             pronounce as  waeh (m) laa (m)
Visit (a place), take a trip  ( เที่ยว ) pronounce as  thiaao (f)
Place                    ( ที่ )                    pronounce as  thee (f)
Other                    (อื่น )                  pronounce as   euun (l)
In                          (ใน )                    pronounce as    nai (m)
Area                    (บริเวณ)               pronounce as baw (l) ri (h) waehn (m)
Vocabulary From Language Example Volume 1 Issue 1
Vocabulary From The Extra Sentences From Volume 1 Issue 1
House, Home        (บ้าน )                pronounce as   baan (f)