Thai Sentences Two

Volume 1 Issue 2

1) How would you say that you arrived in Hua Hin late because the bus broke down

In Thai:  เราไปถึงหัวหินช้าเพราะว่ารถเมล์เสีย

Closest transcription for better pronunciation: rao (m) bpai (m) theung (r) huaa (r) hin (r) chaa (h) phraw (h) waa (f) roht
(h) maeh (m) siia (h)

2) Tell some one that: It is difficult to explain to them, because your Thai language is still not skilled (good)

In Thai: มันยากที่จะอธิบายให้คุณฟังเพราะว่าภาษาไทยยังไม่เก่งพอ

Closest transcription for better pronunciation: man (m) yaak (f) thee (f) ja (l) a thi (h) baai (m) hai (f) khoon (m) fang (m)
phraw (h) waa (f ) phaa (m) saa (r)  thai (m) yang (m) mai (f) geng (l) phaaw (m)

3) How would you say that: You are scared of driving in Thailand, because you see so many accidents
on the roads

In Thai: ผมกลัวการขับที่เมืองไทยเพราะว่าผมเห็นมีอุบัติเห็ตุเกิดขึ้นเยอะบนถนน

Closest transcription for better pronunciation: phohm (r) gluaa (m) gaan (m) khap (l) thee (f) meuuang (m) thai (m)
phraw (h) waa (f) phohm (r) hen (r) mee (m) oo (l) bat (l)  dti (l) haeht (h) geert (l)   kheun(f) yuh (h) bohn (m) tha (l)
nohn (r)

4) Tell your Thai girlfriend that: You cannot go with her tomorrow as you have to go to work

In Thai: พรุ่นงนี้ผมไปกับคุณไม่ได้เพราะว่าผมต้องไปทำงาน

Closest transcription for better pronunciation: phroong (f) nee (h) phohm (r) bpai (m) gap (l) khoon (m) mai (f) dai (f)
phraw (h) waa (f) phohm (r) dtawng(f) bpai (m) tham (m) ngaan (m)

5) Tell some one that today your stomach does not feel so good, because you eat too much papaya salad

In Thai: วันนี้ผมรู้สึกว่าท้องผมไม่ค่อยดีเพราะว่าผมกินส้มตำมากไปหน่อย

Closest transcription for better pronunciation:  wan (m) nee (h) phohm (r) ruu (h) seuk (l) thaawng (h) phohm (r) mai (f)
khaawy (f) dee (m) phraw (h) waa (f) phohm (r) gin (m) sohm (f) dtam (m) maak (f) bpai (m) naawy (l)  

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