Language Example Two

Volume 1 Issue 2

Today's Word

The Word Today Is :  Because

In Thai:   เพราะว่า

Transcription of word:  Phraw (h) Waa (f)


How would you say that you arrived in Hua Hin late because the bus broke down

In Thai:  เราไปถึงหัวหินช้าเพราะว่ารถเมล์เสีย

Closest transcription for better pronunciation: rao (m) bpai (m) theung (r) huaa (r) hin (r) chaa (h) phraw (h) waa (f) roht
(h) maeh (m) siia (h)


We :                         (เรา)           pronounce as:   rao
To Arrive:             (ไปถึง)          pronounce  as     bpai (m) theung (r)
Hua Hin              ( ้หัวหิน )         pronounce as     huaa (r) hin (r)   (Hua Hin is a beach resort town in Thailand)
Late                           (ช้า)          pronounce as    chaa (h)
Because                (เพราะว่า)     pronounce as     phraw (h) waa (f)
Bus                         (รถเมล์)       pronounce as     roht (h) maeh (m)
Broken, defective    (เสีย)           pronounced as   siia (h)

Language Note:
Male speakers use ผม Phohm for I, myself.  Female speakers use ดิฉัน dichan for I myself.

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