Article                                                                             17th March 2011

Culture Shock Tales In Thailand
by Trevor Bide

In today's blog post I thought I would touch on a few Culture shock tales
from Thailand. Where better to start than a visit to the gents, yes the call
of nature.
Article                                                                                       June 2011

Thai Beliefs & incantations - My Amulets
by Kitiya from the blog Kitiya's Thailand.

Packed with Thai Culture,Thai beliefs, Amulets, The Super Natural,
Fortune Tellers and Superstitions like those below.

  • Do not have a haircut on a Wednesday, as this will bring bad luck
    into your life. If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you’ll note that there
    are no barber shops open on a Wednesday.
  • If you hear a Gecko making a noise during the daytime, this means
    bad luck is heading your way.
Article                                                                      23rd September 2011

How Would You Say That In Thai (Volume 1 Issue 2)
                  by Trevor Bide

Volume 1 Issue 2 of the Engaging Thailand '' How would you say that in
Thai'' language  program. Further sentences and vocabulary to be found
on this website under the ''Thai language learning section'' or just follow
the links at the bottom of this post.
A few Foreign Guests Turn Their Hands (literally) To Traditional Thai Dancing
Article                                                                       28th October 2011

Thai Dating Language
by Trevor Bide   

Thai dating language is the subject in this post of ''how do I say that in
Thai''. Meet, greet and date Thai ladies by saying the right things and
avoiding the wrong things in Thai. Want her telephone number, want to
take her to dinner say it in Thai or in the online world leave a message in
Thai and impress her.
Article                                                                                 November 2011

10 Thai Food Phrases (by Kitiya)

In Thailand delicious food is everywhere from top notch restaurants to the
street vendors, but did you know that for many dishes there are traditional
quotes and sayings for everyday life and Kitiya gives us an insight into a
few of those here. Great dish colour photos also.
Article                                                                         14th November 2011

Living The Simple Life In Thailand
by Trevor Bide & Keown Wangwan

The North - East of Thailand is so often ignored on the tourist track, but to
those who want to dig deeper and discover a deeper sense of the culture
and know a bit more about Thailand in general,it is well worth spending
some time here.  

Recently we caught up with one of our North - Eastern correspondents on
a trip back to her home land. Khun Keown gives us a brief insight in to
North - Eastern life or (Isaan life) as you will often hear the area called.
Street Scene In China Town, Bangkok,Thailand
Article                                                   Original publication 30th July 2010

No Need To Remove Your Shoes   
by Author Christopher G. Moore  

Do I need to remove my shoes when entering a Thai prsons home? Most
certainly not just about removing shoes.

This is a wonderful story of how yes doesn't always mean yes and no
doesn't always mean no and how sometimes it pays to be a mind reader in
the art of cross - cultural communications.                                         
Article                                                                           6th December 2011

Thai Language: 10 Simple Holiday Phrases For Dining Out In Thailand
 by Trevor Bide

Where can I find a few simple Thai language phrase that I could use when
dining out in Thailand?

  • 10 eating out phrases
  • Carried out in a role play conversation fashion that you might find in
    a restaurant situation.
  • Language notes to clarify points.