Article                                             26th August 2010

Thai Superstitions And A Mothers Love
           by Trevor Bide

A look at.....
1)Thai and Western Superstitions, 2) The strength of a
Mothers love a personal tribute to a son.,3) Anniversary of
the loss of a loved one and Buddhist ceremony in Nakhon
Sawan and 4) A slice of luck or divine intervention, 5) A look
at the poems, songs and commentaries of Thomas Albert
Article                                       3rd November 2010

Thai Proverbs And Culture
                 by Trevor Bide

This article is packed with Thai proverbs, Thai culture, Thai
language and a couple of absolutely fantastic books from
Christopher G. Moore and Kaewmala.
Article                                         12th November 2010

Thai Proverbs And Culture Part 2
                     by Trevor Bide

A continued look at Thai proverbs and notes of culture to
be aware of.
Article                                    16th December 2010

She's Thai and he's English: Group Culture and The

Group Culture versus the Individualist, strategic planning
versus spontaneity each play a role in Thai and Western
Article                                               17th March 2011

Culture Shock Tales In Thailand
                   by Trevor Bide

In this article we touch on a few Culture shock tales from
Thailand. Where better to start than a visit to the gents,
yes the call of nature.
Article                                                     29th June 2011

How Can I Learn Thai Language
                    by Trevor Bide

How can I  learn Thai language and get started straight
away. Well to be perfectly honest  never has there been a
better time to get stuck in to your Thai language studies
than now. The internet is now full of sites and various
resources to make your learning Thai life so much more
easier. In this  article you will find General ''how to
information'', recommended products and a superb link to
great Thai language resources.
Thai Lesson                                    24th August 2011

How Would You Say That In Thai (Volume 1 Issue 1)
                     by Trevor Bide

Thai language learning and essentially the learning of Thai
script. The real meaning of these language articles are to
give you an introduction to Thai script in order that you
may learn to use it for use with sending messages or
perhaps writing letters in Thai.
ทำบุญ Tambun, Making Merit At The Temple In Nakhon Sawan
Article                                                        1st July 2010

Thai Language, Thai Culture and Cross-Cultural
Relationships by Trevor Bide.                       

This aricle looks at tips for starting to learn Thai script.
Article                                             7th January 2011

She's Thai He's English: Reading Versus Television

Viewing Thai soaps can leave you absolutely exhausted
with all that squabbling, but in our house Thai soaps rule
along with English soaps and the rest of the dross served
up on Television That is why I built a study away from the
living room with no television in it.
Article                                                 17th January 2011

She's Thai He's English: A Tale Of Every Day Thai Life

A mid-thirties drunk, a bottle of Lao Khao white Thai
whisky and a hard working but unappreciated and
unsupported vegetable selling wife. Just a tale of every
day Thai life really.
Article                                                    2nd March 2011

Analysing Thai Culture

Analysing Thai Culture for a Westerner can be a never
ending job, you are never quite sure if you are acting
correctly or not. Luckily with the help of the author
Christopher G. Moore and his great book '' The Cultural
Detective'' help becomes available.