Article                                                     22nd April 2010

Delicious Thai Food Cooked In Your Own Home
                      by Trevor Bide

Absolutely delicious Thai food cooked and served in
your own home or venue of choice for all occasions from
Private dinner parties, buffets or delightful Thai finger
Article                                                      29th April 2010

How To Cook Phat Thai Noodles
                   by Khun Lek

Phat Thai noodles is a snack that is now not only popular
in Thailand, but massively popular all over the world. So
go in to the kitchen find that wok and cook Phat Thai
noodles with Khun Lek today.
Article                                                    2nd May 2010

Party Entertaining Tips With Thai Finger Food
                   by Trevor Bide

Delicious Thai finger food for large-scale events with
little or no sit down facilities delight your guests with
Chicken Satay, Spring Rolls, thinly wrapped fried prawns
in a sweet chilli sauce , fish with chilli,and corn cakes
with garlic and coriander are you hungry yet?
Article                                                    18th May 2010

Home Cooked Thai Food In Taunton, Somerset
                   by Trevor Bide

Glorious Thai food in a beautiful setting in the
South-West of England. Something to celebrate like a
special occasion then do it in style and stay at one of
these luxury self-catering holiday places and have
delicious Thai food freshly cooked and served on the
Article                                                 25th May 2010

Awesome Thai Finger Food Party In Dorset
                     by Trevor Bide

The delightful tastes of Thai cuisine make that special
occasion even more special. Prime beef fillet satay,
crispy salmon in a rich chilli sauce, vegetable spring
rolls and delicious Green chicken curry were just some
of the dishes at this awesome Thai finger food party in
Article                                                    3rd June 2010

Absolutely Gorgeous Thai Food In The South West of  
England      by Trevor Bide

Absolutely gorgeous Thai food cooked and served up
by Khun Lek the now widely acclaimed and respected
Thai chef of Thai Gourmet Caterers in the South West
of England.
Article                                                    12th June 2010

9 Favourite Thai Finger Food Party Treats
                       by Trevor Bide

Thai Gourmet food caterers in the South West of
England reveal the regions 9 favourite Thai finger
foods and why Thai finger food parties are such a big
hit in the UK. Which is your favourite finger food or
snack food? Also looking at information on food from
the regions of Thailand. What region in Thailand does
your preferred taste come from, the north, north east,
south or central?
Article                                                  23rd June 2010

How To Cook Thai Massaman Curry And A Special
Wedding Anniversary.

          by Khun Lek and Trevor Bide

Cook your own Thai Gang Massaman Beef Curry with
the recipe and cooking method from Khun Lek of Thai
Gourmet Food Caterers in Yeovil, Somerset, England
and see how Khun Lek also prepared the dih for a very
special 40th Wedding Anniversary.
Article                                                     8th July 2010

How To Cook Delicious Thai Green Curry
            by Khun Lek and Trevor Bide

Recipe and method from Khun Lek for cooking the
delicious dish of Thai Green Curry and how important it
is to blend in the correct fresh ingredients. Also more
Thai Gourmet events including a total Thai Green
Curry birthday party event with a few famous people
Thai Cuisine Tips
Khun Lek Serving Kanompang Na Moo (Pork, Garlic
And Coriander Toasted With A Cucumber Dip.
A Thai Gourmet Dinner Party
Khun Lek Left With Martin Clunes At A Local Party