Thai Book Articles
Article                                                        13th August 2010

An Introduction To Fiction Books On Thailand And Asia
                          by Trevor Bide

On the subject of Thai and Asian fiction. What was the first
novel you ever read and which novels since have have left a
lasting impression on you? In this post an introduction to
Thai and Asian fiction.
Article                                           20th August 2010

Further Thai Fiction And Cross Cultural Differences
                     by Trevor Bide

A further look at the at Thai fiction and the novels of  
Bangkok based author Christopher G. Moore and my own
light-hearted look at cross cultural differences between
East and West.
Article                                          30th January 2011

Asian Fiction Update  by Trevor Bide

In this article we look at Asian fiction novel ''Waiting for the
lady'' by Christopher G. Moore a further recommendation
of the fantastic novel translated by Susan Fulop Kepner
called Letters from Thailand. Plus looking at others.
Article                                                       2nd March 2011

Analysing Thai Culture by Trevor Bide

Analysing Thai Culture for a Westerner can be a never
ending job, you are never quite sure if you are acting
correctly or not. Luckily with the help of the author
Christopher G. Moore and his great book '' The Cultural
Detective'' help is close at hand.
I Caught Up With Author Christopher G. Moore In Bangkok
In February 2011 At A Book Signing Session. He Kindly
Signed My Copies Of '' Waiting For The Lady''  Gambling
On Magic'' and the latest '' The Cross Cultural Detective''
Article                                                      13th July 2011

Thailand And Asian Fiction

Are you looking for decent novels to read set in Thailand
and other Asian locations? Then the search stops here in
the form of authors Christopher G. Moore, J.F. Gump,
Stephen Leather, Collin Piprell, Timothy Hallinan, Susan
Fulop Kepner and links to many more. Some of the areas
finest writers who have published some very fine novels
and short stories over the years.