Nara loved to play computer games, loved music with a passion and was a keen Manchester United
supporter just like his Dad.

He loved mobile phones and electronic gadgets and knew how much his Dad did not like mobile phone
ring tones, so it was always fun for Nara to add them on his phone when he was not looking either setting
it to a crying baby or some other person with an annoying laugh.
This would usually occur just as Dad was having his evening meal as Nara would go off to another room to
ring him, he was forever the practical joker.

‘’ Mostly Nara loved his food and also loved to cook, he especially loved his mother’s cooking.
His timing use to be perfect as he would arrive just as his mother was in the middle of a cooking session.
His favourite dish was a Thai rice noodle  soup dish called ( guay Jap ) which contained crispy pork belly,
chicken and egg.
He would often turn up with the ingredients ready for his mum to cook.
Nara loved his mum dearly and really enjoyed her cooking.

The one word which spoke volumes about Nara is ‘’ Loving’’

A loving uncle to 5 year old Codi- Mai who he baby sat for on many occasions and it was sometimes hard to
spot which one was the child as they jumped around and had so much fun together.

A loving boyfriend to Katherine throughout their 4 year relationship and they shared many good times
together and were often inseparable.
Nara was constantly with Katherine at her place in Portsmouth where she attended the university and they
would often enjoy cooking together strolling along the pier and visiting the arcades.
Katherine was with Nara everyday until the end and will miss him dearly.

A loving friend to many people.