Article                                                  17th September 2010

The Art Of Travel And Travel In Thailand
                      by Trevor Bide

An article on the real art of travel and in particular travel in
Thailand. 1) Travel for self-discovery, 2) Travel by design, 3)
Simple pleasures of Thailand, 4) Five great travel proverbs
from the East and the West, 5) Letters from Thailand.
Article                                                    11th February 2011

 Life Design In Hua Hin Updated
                     by Trevor Bide

If you don't create the way you want to spend your days then
someone will create them for you. I got close to the ideal
days in Hua Hin, Thailand. Yes Life design in Hua Hin.
Article                                                   25th February 2011

 Life Design In Chiang Mai Thailand
                         by Trevor Bide
If you don't design your own day's then someone will design
them for you, if you don't make your own plans, then
someone will make plans for you. Life design in Chiang Mai,
Article                                                           18th April 2011

Tips For Life Design In Thailand
                    by Trevor Bide

Moving to or spending prolonged time in Thailand. How
would you spend your time? What would lifestyle in Thailand
look like for you?
Sunday Night Walking Market, Chiang Mai

Living In Chiang Mai, Thailand
by International Living

From an article written by Jim Dagenais in February 2009
the article talks about ...
  • The monthly cost of living
  • Getting around
  • Expat organisations
  • Restaurants and places worth visiting.                      
Article                                                   14th November 2011

Living The Simple Life In Thailand            
by Keown Wangwan

The North - East of Thailand is so often ignored on the
tourist track, but to those who want to dig deeper and
discover a deeper sense of the culture and know a bit more
about Thailand in general, we caught up with one of our
North - Eastern correspondents on a trip back home. Khun
Keown gives us a brief insight in to North - Eastern life or
(Isaan life) as you will often hear the area called.
The Hillside Fitness Centre On Huay Kaew Road
Article                                                   13th December 2011

Are You Thinking Of Moving To Thailand
by Trevor Bide

So you want to spend more time in Thailand and there is no
doubt that Thailand is a fantastic country to spend longer
periods of time in. There are so many things to love about
Thailand from the delicious food, sunny days, beautiful
beaches, the Thai people and culture, the laid back way of
life and many more things. However like most things the
project needs a certain amount of planning and
experimenting in order for you to design your ideal situation.  
Article                                                       4th January 2012

Lifestyle Design: Spending Time In Thailand
by Trevor Bide

Trevor Bide the author of Engaging Thailand Tips writes
about, niche travel in Thailand, spending longer periods of
time in Thailand and lifestyle design in all areas of life from
an eastern and western perspective.
The point of this post is to appeal to people who spend or
want to spend different periods of time in Thailand according
to their desires and circumstances and not a one size fits all
plan.  The overall purpose in the long run is to hopefully
provide information that might be useful to those planning to
spend more time in Thailand whether sooner or later.
Article                                                      18th January 2012

Tips For Living In Thailand By Kasinee Silapee

Part Three of the interview carried out with Khun Kasinee
Silapee. In this part local Bangkok lady and Thai national
Kasinee gives her views on living in Bangkok/Thailand, the
cost of living in Bangkok, adjustment to Thai life for new
arrivals and much, much more.
China Town, Bangkok (left)