Language Learning Themes

June 20011:  How Can I Learn Thai Language  (Tips for starting out)

August 2011  
How Would You Say That In Thai (Questions, vocabulary and further sentences for volume 1 Issue 1)

September 2011
How Would You Say That In Thai (Questions and vocabulary for volume 1 Issue 2)

November 2011:
15 Dating Sentences For Thailand (Complete with culture notes and Vocabulary, volume 1 Issue 3)

December 2011:
Thai Language: 10 Simple Holiday Phrases For Dining Out In Thailand  (Volume 1 Issue 4)

March 2012:
Thai Conversation Using The Telephone (From the newsletter issue 1)

March 2012:
Thai Conversation: Responding To Questions (From the newsletter issue 2)

A Recommendation: For Future Specific Vocabulary please visit the fantastic website Here and use the dictionary.