Interview                          5th May 2010

Living In Thailand  by Mark Stephens  

Mark Stephens British expat talks about how he first stumbled
upon Thailand, biggest initial difficulties in adjusting to Thai life
and an introduction to Thai language. Interview part one.
Interview                          8th May 2010

Living In Thailand: by Mark Stephens

Mark comments on driving in Thailand, the differences in a
cultural sense of doing business in Thailand compared to the
UK.and the quality of life in Thailand versus UK. Interview part
Interview                         11th May 2010

Living In Thailand: by Mark Stephens

Mark gives some Thai language tips,talks about ways to
keep in contact with family and friends back home and
gives his view on the Thailand property scene for a
foreigner. Interview part three.
Interview                         16th May 2010

Living In Hua Hin by Mark Stephens

Mark's home town is the royal beach resort of Hua Hin and
he gives us an insight in to the cost of living, good places
to eat, places to visit in and around Hua Hin, health and
hospitals in the area and of course where to go for a nice
cold beer. Interview part four.
Article                                        18th April 2011

Tips For Life Design In Thailand by Trevor Bide

Moving to or spending prolonged time in Thailand. How
would you spend your time? What would lifestyle in
Thailand look like for you?
Interview                                          22nd June 2011

Life Design Khon Kaen by Keown Wangwan

Interview conducted with Keown,Wangwan as we touched
on a few Thailand related subjects. Khun Keown was kind
enough to give us her favourite Thai food and Thai travel
places in Thailand plus lots of tips on Living in Thailand,
Thai life style in general and on cross cultural
Interview                                     10th August 2011

Life Design Udon Thani Part One by Kitiya

The first of a two-part interview with a very talented and
delightful lady from Udon Thani in the North- East of
Thailand called Kitiya. Not only does Kitiya  host her own
blog  and make all of her own video's providing travel,
food and cultural information on Thailand and especially
the North-East of Thailand, but also gives us an insight
in to her world and life design in Udon Thani.
Interview                                    17th August 2011

Life Design Udon Thani Part Two by Kitiya

In part two Kitiya talks about cross-cultural relationships
and how she met her British boyfriend, cultural
differences, superstitions, advice for foreigners
adapting to Thailand, her dreams and objectives, the
inspiration for her work and a lot of her life and loads
more besides.
Interview                                                 20th July 2011

Life Design, Hua Hin, Thailand Update 2011 by Mark

A very insightful interview with Freelance Writer and
British expat Mark Stephens on life in Thailand and
specifically Hua Hin. Whether visiting, staying for longer
periods or moving indefinitely to Thailand then don't miss
the advice given in this interview. Life Design, Hua Hin
Thailand. Part 1
Interview                                               27th July 2011  
Life Design Hua Hin Thailand Update 2011 by Mark

More superb tips, advice and information for those who
are interested in visiting, putting down roots for a longer
period of time or even considering living  indefinitely in
the royal beach resort of Hua Hin, Thailand. Not only
does guest Mark  Stephens offer advice and give
fantastic tips on Hua Hin, but also on Thailand generally.
Interview                                   3rd August 2011

Life Design Hua Hin Thailand Update 2011 by Mark

The third and final part of the Mark Stephens interview
is absolutely jam-packed with not only great tips, advice
and information, but lots of fun stuff. Included in this
bumper post and this is only one part of the interview
Mark gives us his favourite Thai tunes, a few Thai
language learning tips, hits us with the real philosophy
of travel, talks about memories, writing and the
importance of keeping a journal, gives a couple of
favourite proverbs and gives a cracking final piece of
The Royal Beach Resort Of Hua Hin
Glorious Beach Near Pranbury, Pracuap Khirikhan
Life Design By The Pool In Chiang Mai