KHON KAEN (ขอนแก่น) The North East Of Thailand


Introductory Tips About Kohn Kaen

  • As of June 2009 Khon Kaen was the home of around 3.000-4,000 Brits registered with the embassy

  • Khon Kaen hosts the largest University in the North East of Thailand

  • Kohn Kaen is the main commerce and political centre of the North East of Thailand

  • Khon Kaen has a population of around 150,000

  • Great hotels, good international school

  • Khon Kaen is the home of the famous Thai tennis player Paradorn Srichaphan

  • Manufacture own home-made Thai silk

  • Hosts the largest University in the North East Of Thailand called Kohn Kaen University

Getting To Kohn Kaen

Kohn Kaen is accessible by aeroplane, Train, Bus and car depending on whether you want to see much travelling there
and on your time restrictions if any.

  • By aeroplane: Thai Airways operate flights  daily to and from Bangkok several times a day, Check times and
    flight availability with Thai Airways.

  • By Train: Hua Lampong is the station in Bangkok that serves Khon Kaen and there are a few trains leaving each
    day. The journey takes about 8 hours to reach Kohn Kaen, but is good for those who want to see a bit travelling
    up as opposed to the flight option. For more information and a very useful introduction to train travel in Thailand,

  • By Bus: There are air-conditioned buses that leave Bangkok's Northern bus terminal ( also known as Mochit
    station) at regular intervals. The journey roughly takes about 6 hours.The Northern bus terminal can be found on
    Khamphaengphet 2 Road near Chatuchak market.

  • By Car: Take the number 4 lane on highway 2.

Getting Around Kohn Kaen

  • Songtaew: An excellent way to get around and very economical as well. They are equipped with a bench each
    side and a roof, cost between about 10-15 baht per ride and operate between 05.00 and 20.00. Just stand at the
    side of the road to catch a ride, when the driver stops just tell him where you want to
    go. Getting off is just as easy either he will give you a shout at your destination or if you are already familiar with
    the route then push the buzzer to stop, this is located on the underside of the roof normally. Then all that's left is
    to hop off and pay the driver.

  • Tuk Tuk: Not my favourite form of transport as firstly the drivers are prone to over charging, especially if you are
    looking rather touristy and secondly throw out dirty black smoke to inhale which is not great. If however you find a
    good driver which occasionally you do, then get hold of his card and mobile number and he will be very handy
    throughout your stay. A normal fare ranges from about 50-90 baht, but to the airport or the Kohn Kaen university
    then you are probably looking at approximately 140/150 baht.

  • Taxi: For me the taxi is the better option as they now have metered taxis in Kohn Kaen and I have usually found
    these to be more reliable than the Tuk Tuk drivers in a general sense. .The
    prices for taxi's are also cheaper than the Tuk Tuk and the ride less frantic.

  • Samlor: Another travel option still found in Kohn Kaen is the Bicycle Rickshaw.

  •  Tip: In all cases here and when travelling in general in Thailand it is a good
    idea to keep some change and small notes on you as drivers might not have the change and you could end up
    paying more.

  •  Tip: As with any form of transport you take it is very possible that the driver will not speak English so it could be
    advisable to have your English speaking staff at your hotel help out if
    possible to make your travel requests clear. Other than that the hotel will probably be able to arrange transport
    for you anyway. As with anything keep an eye on the various fares charged and the guides given here. It will not
    take long for you to get an idea of what is about right to pay.

Regional Foods You Must Try
Sticky rice and chicken (Khaw Niaw Gai Yaang), Isaan Sausage (Sai Groh Isaan) and Papaya Salad (som Tam


  • Khon Kaen National Museum:  Opening Hours 0900-1600 hours  Closed Monday, Tuesday and Public

Admission fee   :    Thais 10 Baht   Foreigners 30 Baht

Further Information for the Kohn Kaen National Museum here     

  • A Beach Resort Hotel: Castle Howchow Beach Resort Hotel

Activities, beach, lake garden, chalets, wedding bookings and conferences

For further information about Castle Howchow Beach Resort Khon Kaen click here   

  • Phu Pha Man National Park Kohn Kaen

350 square kilometers of mostly rugged limestone mountains, caves, waterfalls and terrific view points

Further information about Phu Pha Man National Park click here

Video:  Witness bats exit the cave at Phu Pha Man  click here

  • Prasat Phueai Noi Khmer Temple Ruins

Located in Kohn Kaen province approximately 80 kilometers fro Kohn Kaen City, it is the largest Khmer complex in  
Kohn Kaen consisting of 3 brick built temples all facing east. The temple dates back to the 11th/12th century.

The temple ruins are located in Ku Phueai Noi and you can visit 7 days per week from 08.00 - 17.00

Articles And Interviews

  • Engaging Thailand tips article featuring more tips on Kohn Kaen and lots more information about the North        
    East in general. Also features Isaan food and Isaan music videos.

Visiting The North East Of Thailand

  •   Isaan is another word for the North East, The region is called Phaak Isaan standing for Phaak = region and
    Isaan = Northeast. In Thai it will be written as ภาคอีสาน

  •  An interview with a lady from Kohn Kaen who has spent a lot of her life living abroad in Englad, but is still in love
    with her home city of Khon Kaen and the North East region in general. Khun Keown gives us an insight in to her
    world from our Lifestyles Thailand series..

Lifestyles Thailand with Khun Keown


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Delicious Som Tam - Papaya Salad
Tuk Tuk At The Front, Songtaew Behind