Article                                                      by Timothy Ferris

The Perfect Posterior: Kettlebell Swings And Cheap

On the Tim Ferris blog the king of life design experiments
Tim Ferris shows and explains
the beauty of the kettlebell workout. Not only a massively
beneficial work-out for body toning,
fat-loss and building muscle, but freeing time by staying with
the philosophy of less is more.
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The 4-Hour Body (By Timothy Ferriss)

The result of more than 10 years research from Tim's own
experimentations on sculpturing the human body. An example
 of what you will learn is how to lose 2% of body fat in 2
weeks, gain 34 pounds of muscle in 28 days, sleep 2 hours
per day and feel completely rested, go from running 5
lilometres to 50 kilometres in 12 weeks. Aside from that you
will learn how to get stronger, improve your sex life and living
a longer and better life. More life changing stuff from the king
of life design Timothy Ferriss on putting the important things
in life at the top of the list
Article                                                       14th January 2011  

Ancient Eastern ways Towards Health And Longevity
                            by Trevor Bide

The subject of Health and Longevity is such a massive
subject nowadays and covers a multitude of issues, but there
are certain things that we in the West have recently
discovered that have been known in the East for more than
5000 years. In today's post are a few things you might
possibly know followed by a recommended book at the end
containing information that you just have to know..
Health, Fitness And Wellness In Lumpini Park, Bangkok

Green Tea Articles
by the Green Tea Library

A look at the scientific evidence supporting Green Tea's health
benefits and answers to questions like...

  • How much green tea do you need
  • What is an antioxidant
  • How green tea fights cancer and other illnesses
Article                                           11th November 2011

The Ancient Art Of Nuad Bo'Rarn Thai Massage And Its
Benefits (
by Guest Writer Allison Brooks)

Today's post looks at the ancient art of Nuad B0'Rarn (
นวดแผนโบราน) traditional Thai massage and its use today.
Incidentally for the Thai language students nuad (นวด) means
to massage or knead and Bo'Rarn  (โบราน) means ancient
The post has been written by Allison Brooks a guest writer and
recent college graduate who is passionate about enlightening
people about the benefits of natural healing.