Discover Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son Location

  • Mae Hong Son in Thai is written like this ( แมฮ่องสอน )
  • Another name for Mae Hong Son is the city of three mists
  • For the most part of the year Mae Hong Son is covered in mist
  • Mae Hong Son is one of the northern provinces of Thailand , but at the same time most westerly as well.
  • Neighbouring places are Chiang Mai, Tak and the Shan state of Myanmar
  • It is situated approximately 900 km from the capital city of Bangkok.
  • Mae Hong Son is the most mountainous province in Thailand
  • Most sparsely populated province in Thailand.

Mae Hong Son Scenery

Brief History Of Mae Hong Son

  • Founded in the 19th century as a training camp for Elephants
  • Originally known as the isolated mist-covered province
  • It was not until around the 1960's that Mae Hong Son was connected by proper paved roads.
  • A now popular traveler and tourist spot.

Hot Springs Mae Hong Son

Culture Of Mae Hong Son

  • There are lots of tribal ethnic groups that live in Mae Hong Son and these are Karen, Hmong, Lahu, Lisu,Lawa
    and others.
  • The various hilltribes have different ceremonial attire, customs, dances, courtship rituals and values.
  • The Temple architecture is different in Mae Hong Son and is mainly based on the Shan style design. Similar to
    those in the Shan state of Burma.

Karen Hill People

Why People Visit Mae Hong Son

  • Mae Hong Son receives countless visits from tourists today who are enticed by the beautiful natural scenery,
    various Hill tribes and the adventure activities.
  • Great for those who love drifting off the beaten track and for those who would enjoy visiting local hilltribes.
  • Breath taking beautiful scenery and a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere.

Karen Hill People

Attractions And Highlights

  • Rafting, Mountain biking, Elephant trekking, Nature walks, Jeep adventures and various Hill tribe visits
  • Visiting the morning markets to observe the locals buying and selling is very educational and this can be found
    along Phanitwattana Road. Don't forget to go early as they begin at dawn.
  • For general souvenir hunting try the roads of Khunloombraphat and Singhanatbumrung. Souvenirs such as
    Antiques, Pictures, Wood carvings, silverware, stones and Hill tribe handicrafts can be found there.

Two younger members of the Karen Hill People

Temples To Visit In And Around Mae Hong Son

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