Article                                       13th December 2010

Thai / Western Cross - Cultural Relationships by Trevor Bide

The introduction to future light-hearted posts on
Cross-Cultural relationships involving Thais and
Westerners, specifically Brits .
Article                                         16th December 2010

She's Thai And He's English: Group Culture And The
Individualist by Trevor Bide.

Group Culture versus the Individualist, strategic planning
versus spontaneity each play a role in Thai and Western
Article                                                   24th March 2011

Just Married A Thai Lady And Moving To The UK To Live
by Trevor Bide.

The honey moon period is over and the fantastic time you
had together in Thailand is now part of your fond memory
bank. Your wife or fiance is now on her way to live with you
in the UK and there will be a lot to learn on both sides of
the cultural fence. Here are a few points that might help to
make the transition run a little bit more smoother.
Article                                                         5th April 2011

Tips For A successful Long Term Relationship / Marriage
Between A Thai And A Westerner Part 1 by Trevor Bide.

During a chat over Thai and Western relationships the
question was pondered as to why so many don't make it
and fall by the wayside. The question continued to what
are some tips for a  successful long-term Thai/Western
marriage or relationship? So here are some thoughts.
Article                                                         11th April 2011

Tips For A successful Long Term Relationship / Marriage
Between A Thai And A Westerner Part 2 by Trevor Bide.

The second part of Tips for a successful long term
relationship/marriage between a Thai and a Westerner.
Interview                                                  May 31st 2011

From Living In The North-East Of Thailand (Isaan) To
Living In The UK  by Keown Wangwan.

Part one of a guest interview with Keown Wangwan a Thai
national having lived in the UK for a number of years and
very knowledgable on living in the north-east of Thailand
Interview                                                  6th June 2011

Relationships Between Thai Women And Foreign Men by
Keown Wangwan.

Part two of an interview with Keown Wangwan an insight
into the world of Thai women and foreign men
relationships. Khun Keown has the experience of close to
30 years living in the UK, but makes many visits back to
her Thai homeland, which is still very close to her heart.
Interview                                               14th June 2011

Thai Women Moving Abroad: In This Case The UK

Part three of an interview with Keown Wangwan is based
around Thai women who leave Thailand to move abroad,
(in this case the UK) to be with their foreign husbands
and adapting to the new way of life. How easy is it to
obtain some of the comforts of home, possible problems
that maybe encountered in relationships and the general
change in culture. Too big a subject to nail here of
course, but here are a few insights.
Lumpini Park In Bangkok. A Romantic Setting
Easy To See How Westerners Fall For Thai Women
Thai / Western Cross-Cultural Relationships
Articles                                            28th October 2011

Thai Dating Language
by Trevor Bide   

Thai dating language is the subject in this post of ''how
do I say that in Thai''. Meet, greet and date Thai ladies
by saying the right things and avoiding the wrong things
in Thai. Want her telephone number, want to take her to
dinner say it in Thai or in the online world leave a
message in Thai and impress her.