Article                                                         18th June 2010

Bangkok: Great Value Hotel And Surrounding Area Tips        
                               byTrevor Bide

When in Bangkok and looking for a decent and reasonably
priced family orientated hotel, then check out the Nasa
Vegas hotel in Ramkhamhaeng Road. It is only about three
blocks away from the shopping area of Sukhumvit Road and
15-20 minutes by taxi from Suvarnabhum airport the main
international airport.
Article                                                    6th February 2011

A Walk Along Sukhumvit Road Bangkok
    by Trevor Bide

I still enjoy a walk along Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok when
ever I am in town. So early February 2011 I checked out the
sounds, smells, sights and characters to see what had
Article                                                    19th February 2011

Tips For Travelling In Bangkok, Thailand
       by Trevor Bide

A few tips to make getting around Thailand and essentially
Bangkok just that little bit easier.
Along Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, Thailand
Article                                                              19th May 2011

Manchester United Restaurant And Bar, Bangkok

If you are a Manchester United supporter on vacation or on
business in Bangkok, Thailand, then be sure to pop along to
the Manchester United Restaurant and bar on Sukhumvit
road, soi 11, Bangkok.
Article                                                       14th October 2011

Bangkok: A 5 Day Travel Itinerary
By Trevor Bide

An often asked question is ‘’I am going on holiday to Thailand
and planning on spending time relaxing at a beach resort,
however I shall be arriving in Bangkok to begin with and was
wondering how long I should  spend in Bangkok and what
should I see and do?
Article                                                      21st November 2011

Thailand Floods: In Praise Of The Thais
by Trevor Bide

With Thailand in the midst of the kingdom's worst flooding in
more than half a century ,the unity shown, the sheer heroic
efforts and the determination of the Thai people to handle the
scale of this massive problem with dignity and with a positive
force for the future recovery has to be admired.
Article                                                     19th December 2011

My Thai Food Dinner Party: Interview With Kasinee Silapee
by Kasinee Silapee

My Thai Food dinner party is the first part of an interview
carried out with Khun Kasinee Silapee from Bangkok who is
very passionate about Thai cuisine and cooking. In this part of
the interview Kasinee talks about her favourite dishes, what
she would cook if she was hosting a dinner party and favourite
places in Bangkok she likes to dine at. Khun Kade is a true
Chinese New Year Preparations, Sukhumvit Road Bangkok
Article                                                          27th January 2012

Bangkok: Where To Find A Great Value Hotel   
by Trevor Bide

There are masses of hotels to choose from in Bangkok and
everyone has their budget and preferences, but if you are
looking for a centrally based good value hotel then you will be
hard pressed to find a better hotel than the Nasa Vegas Hotel
in Ramkhamhaeng Road.